From the mind of a girl with one foot in reality and the other in fantasy.

Lovely Supernatural

It is the oldest story in the book; it is as natural as it is unnatural; it is a nightmare; a dream within a dream


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Unconventional advice and methodology from a peculiar entity. Approach with caution

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Hello again, dear stranger!

Hello again, dear stranger!

Site currently undergoing a lovely spell, which is why it appears dead. Resurrection is a tricky business and must be handled with absolute care, or else an unexpected character may come into being. While that isn’t the worst case scenario, this moon magick will be attempted in a painless manner. The mechanics should be moving along […]

Life Through My Eyes

Life Through My Eyes

A new blog series coming soon on what it’s like being part of a generation whose majority characteristics I do not attribute to, about staying true to myself when I was met by a lot of adversity in the past, and how it’s perfectly fine being yourself and sticking to your values.   Look forward to Life Through […]



The wind dances through the trees, taking you away with it. You’re enveloped, consumed in twirling whispers; Driven away, beyond the trees, over earthen mounds. The wind stops. The blind sun encircles you in encompassing light; Surrounded by mushrooms and moss-blanketed rock, Centre a faery circle. Winged creatures peer from under leaf bellies. They follow […]